Welcome To Our Office in Littleton, CO .

We know you have choices for everything, and that includes medical centers and chiropractic offices in Littleton. We truly believe Ultimate Health Medical Clinic is different than all the rest, and for a number of reasons.

For starters, Dr. Jason Leavitt founded our Littleton chiropractic office more than 20 years ago. We have 20 years of experience right here in the Littleton community. We have worked with other physicians in the area, local football programs, and more. We take pride in our role in the community and work hard to provide the best possible services for our patients.

We also offer an array of chiropractic services that go beyond the neck and back. We treat knee, shoulder, and hip pain, along with many other ailments like chronic migraine headaches, and more. We believe in treating the whole body and treating the patient.

Along with that, we get to the root of the problem. We don’t want to take away knee pain for an afternoon, we want to treat it by working with our entire medical team to ensure you are getting the best available treatment. Because our Littleton medical office continues to grow, we can treat you with a number of modalities in one visit, including spinal decompression, massage therapy, trigger point injections, stretching and physical therapy, and more. This eliminates multiple visits to our office (though we hope you love seeing us as much as we love seeing you!) and saves you on time and money. We try to do most of our work in-house, including x-rays and other medical services to make it easier on you.

We believe in treating patients without surgery or medications. We know some ailments require that, but we work on treating our patients without having to go the drastic route of surgery, like a knee replacement. Instead, we offer Regenerative Therapy in Littleton, which is commonly known as tissue engineering, helping restore, maintain, or improve your muscle function by using biological substitutes. Scientists, doctors, and bioengineers are currently developing new treatments to help heal damaged tissues and organs that have lost function due to aging or disease, in lieu of major surgeries that require downtime and additional greater risks. We have provided game changing pain solutions for a number of our patients since we started practicing Regenerative Therapy. If you think this groundbreaking medical technology could help you, give us a call. Remember that our consultations are always free.


Speaking of Regenerative Therapy, that’s another benefit of coming to our office. We are always researching, learning, and adopting groundbreaking technologies in medicine to help you heal faster and get you back to feeling your best. As medical advancements are made, rest assured our Littleton medical office is adopting them to help treat your pain faster and more effectively.

We also offer free consultations on all services. If you aren’t sure there’s a treatment to help you, we want to sit with you and go over your medical history and see if we can help – before we charge you. We know your time and money is valuable, so we want to ensure we are providing the best possible care to each and every patient’s individual needs.

Our Littleton office also offers Med Spa services, which have been a big hit. Our medical team is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best.

No matter what brings you in, we look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can help you with any nagging pain you suffer from. Call us at 303.904.0331 for more information or to schedule your free consultation. We accept most major insurance plans. Read our Littleton chiropractic blog to learn more about our services.

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