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First, you’ll notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, coupled with a dull and uneven skin tone, dry skin, age spots, a change in texture, visible pores, a loss of volume and loose or sagging skin. Boy doesn’t that sound fun? Not to worry! We have an arsenal of tools to combat those changes and keep you looking younger. It’s all about maintenance, and our Littleton Med Spa services can help!

Think about all the preventative measures you take to stay healthy. You see the dentist every six months or visit your physician for a yearly physical. You might even go in for regular pedicures. Get in the mindset that you need to do this for your face too. It is vital to have regular maintenance on your skin to keep it looking (and feeling) youthful and fresh.

Let’s take this process step by step. Fine lines and wrinkles are pretty easy to address. Injectables can help with this and there are several tools, depending on where your lines settle. Botox is a little wrinkle warrior! When you notice forehead lines, crow’s feet and even the little “bunny lines” on your nose, we would opt to treat you with Botox. This long-proven solution acts to temporarily paralyze the muscle that it’s injected into, thereby keeping you from being able to frown. Over time, your muscles will weaken from lack of use. So, not only will Botox treat the lines you currently have, but it will stop you from developing more in the future! Plan to get a treatment every 3-4 months, and remember it’s all about maintenance.

When you look in the mirror and feel like it’s tired, dry, dull and spotty, you might think there’s nothing to do about it. But there is! Microneedling is a celebrity-approved treatment that keeps your skin in tip-top shape. Micro-fine needles create small channels in your skin. Your body’s natural response is to heal itself, which it does through collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein that helps keep the skin looking youthful, with a firm, smooth, and stretchy texture. The result is astounding! Over time, you’ll see a marked improvement in texture, pore size, scarring, hyperpigmentation and laxity.


But we go even further! Adding radio-frequency energy to your microneedling procedure will get you even better results. Our Endymed Intensif RF treatment dives deeper into your dermis to stimulate more collagen and elastin for the best results. Even better, add enriched plasma to your session. Our practitioner will layer your own processed blood (also known as a vampire facial) so powerful growth factors can further stimulate tissue healing and development. You will notice a big difference when you incorporate this into your yearly routine. It’s all about maintenance!

Finally, the aging process takes a toll on your facial volume. Most noticeably, your cheeks might sag; your lips thin and your brows fall. An often-overlooked area that we loose volume is in the temples. This hallowing can dramatically age you by losing the structure in your upper face. Simply adding volume back into these places can instantly take years off your appearance.

We do this through the use of filler. There are many different types to consider, based on the location of volume loss. Voluma and Volbella, both Juvederm-family products, are great choices to lift and plump the cheeks and get your lips back to a youthful volume. Filler typically lasts about 18 months to 2 years.

With the regular treatments that you might need, you will stay ahead of the aging process. Think about it! Treat your skin like you would your teeth or your toes and you’ll love the reflection in the mirror. It’s time to start taking care of your skin and combat the aging process one day at a time!

If you’re not sure if BOTOX or filler is something you’re quite ready for, keep in mind that our consultations are FREE. Schedule an appointment with our certified nurse practitioner to discuss your skincare and aging needs and together you can determine if it’s something you want to move forward with or not.

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