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If you’ve ever bruised, fractured, or dislocated a rib, you already know it’s one of the most excruciating pains. A dislocated rib, or subluxation, can make your everyday routine feel like a nightmare. Everything hurts, like breathing, laughing, lying down, speaking, and more. But a dislocated (or misaligned) rib is actually more common than you think.

Your ribs are attached to your spine and breastbone, and they are more than just a structure of bones, they are actually quite flexible. In order to breathe, your ribs need to be flexible and expand and contract. It’s also important to note how complex your ribs and ribcage is, and that sometimes an irritation or misalignment can cause this excruciating pain. Perhaps your rib isn’t dislocated, but when it’s out of place or “feels out,” you should still seek treatment if the pain is unbearable.

How Do Ribs Become Dislocated?

Again, this is common, and can be brought on in seconds. Severe coughing or vomiting can cause a rib dislocation, as can pregnancy, working out, a contact injury, car accidents, and even bad posture can lead to rib misalignment. Even quick twisting motions like a golf swing or HIIT workout can cause a misalignment that can cause terrible pain. When it becomes difficult to breathe or laugh, it’s probably time to come in for a visit.

How To Treat A Dislocated Rib?

Chiropractic care is one of the best and most effective treatments for a slipped rib. Treatments vary, but oftentimes a soft tissue massage will help pop the rib back into place. Our Littleton chiropractors will help alleviate the pain and gently push the rib back into place. It’s important to have a chiropractor do this, as they know the right location and the right force to use to provide relief.

We also have onsite x-rays to confirm there isn’t something else causing the problem, if needed, but a misaligned rib is usually pretty easy to treat. You won’t be able to see a dislocated rib on an x-ray; so many times this isn’t necessary.

Remember that dislocated ribs can happen quickly and cause immense pain, that’s why our Littleton medical office will work hard to fit you in immediately.

Call our Littleton chiropractic office to help with any nagging pain or discomfort, and remember that we take most major insurance plans and your consultation is always free here at Ultimate Health. Call us at 303.904.0331 and check out our Littleton chiropractic blog to learn about our services.

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