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Spinal decompression therapy is one of our most sought after chiropractic services in our Littleton office. Spinal decompression is a recommended treatment for a number of ailments, including but not limited to lower back pain, sciatica, or neck pain. The pain often comes from a herniated, bulging, or degenerated disc.

What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Spinal Decompression therapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive therapy that uses a machine to gently stretch your spine. This gentle stretching can last anywhere from 20-45 minutes, and it effectively addresses the source of your pain, like sciatica.

The machine for spinal decompression therapy is typically a traction table, and it helps to relieve pain while helping to heal degenerating, bulging or ruptured spinal discs.

What Does the Machine For Spinal Decompression Do Exactly?

The spinal decompression machine steadily stretches your spinal column, which helps to release the stress that sits on the discs between the vertebrae of your spine. The negative pressure from the machine allows the discs to retract, which allows an influx of fluids, nutrients, and oxygen into the disc. Spinal decompression therapy helps promote natural healing, without the need for surgery or pain medications.

Our Littleton chiropractors are experts at spinal decompression and train our entire medical team on the spinal decompression machine. We use it on patients who are looking for a safe and effective alternative to surgery, because let’s face it – not everyone wants back surgery as their only option to relieve pain.

According to WebMD, “Doctors have used nonsurgical spinal decompression in an attempt to treat:

  • Back or neck pain or sciatica, which is pain, weakness, or tingling that extends down the leg
  • Bulging or herniated disks or degenerative disk disease
  • Worn spinal joints (called posterior facet syndrome)
  • Injured or diseased spinal nerve roots”

Though it’s an incredibly effective and sometimes immediate pain relief therapy, not everyone is a candidate for spinal decompression therapy. Our Littleton chiropractor will assess your pain and related injuries to determine if spinal decompression is the right treatment for you. Most of our patients love the machine for spinal decompression therapy, and consider it relaxing. Some patients have been known to fall asleep during it too.

When paired with our expert chiropractic care in Littleton, and even some at-home exercises from our on-site physical therapist, our patients have seen huge improvements in their mobility and lessening of their pain after doing one spinal decompression session. Spinal decompression is a therapy we often recommend for weeks at a time to maximize the effectiveness.

Call our Littleton chiropractor today to schedule your spinal decompression therapy appointment at 303.904.0331 or request an appointment online.

Don’t forget if you’re new to chiropractic care in Littleton, we are currently offering a new patient special and a spinal decompression therapy for first time patients. Call the front desk for details, to book your appointment, or to set up a consultation with one of our Littleton chiropractors to see if you’re a candidate for spinal decompression.

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