When everything is in working order, your shoulder joint gives your arms and your back the wide range of motion they need to carry out everyday tasks and then some. But as with any of the more complex joints in your body, this versatility also makes your shoulder more prone to injury. Whether you experience ongoing shoulder pain or it only happens when you move a certain way, Dr. Jason Leavitt and the doctors at Ultimate Health Medical Clinic in Littleton, Colorado, can help you get to the root of the problem. Call the office or request a visit online today to learn more.

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What causes shoulder pain?

The shoulder joint, which is actually made up of several joints combined with tendons, ligaments, and muscles, is susceptible to a wide range of injuries and degenerative conditions. Common shoulder problems include:

Impingement: This problem occurs when the top of your shoulder blade puts pressure on the underlying soft tissues whenever you lift your arm away from your body. Over time, shoulder impingement can lead to bursitis or tendonitis.
Tendon tears: The splitting or tearing of tendons in your shoulder can be the result of an acute injury, or come from the kind of degenerative changes associated with aging. Rotator cuff injuries are among the most common tendon problems.
Bursitis: This painful condition occurs when the fluid-filled sacs, or bursae, that help cushion the bones of your shoulder joint become inflamed. Bursitis often occurs alongside rotator cuff injuries or tendonitis.
Tendonitis: Usually the result of the wearing down of the tendon that connects muscle to bone in your shoulder joint, this condition may be brought on by excessive shoulder activity or arthritis.
Broken collarbone: Whether it’s sustained through a fall or another type of trauma, a fractured collarbone can cause extreme pain and swelling in your shoulder.
Most the problems that cause shoulder pain fit into one of these 4 categories: Instability, arthritis, tendon inflammation or injury, and bone fractures.

Can shoulder pain originate elsewhere?

While most cases of shoulder pain are caused by some problem that directly affects the joint itself, shoulder pain can be a symptom of a problem in your neck. There are 8 nerves rooted in the vertebrae of your neck (cervical spine) that extend into your shoulders. If a neck injury compresses or irritates any of these nerves, it can cause pain that radiates down your neck and into your shoulder. This pain may be mild or severe, constant, or sporadic, and is sometimes accompanied by a noticeable tingling sensation.

How is shoulder pain treated?

Shoulder pain can make your life difficult. First and foremost, the experts at Ultimate Health Medical Clinic want to get to the root of your pain and then minimize the impact it has on daily activities. With your overall wellbeing in mind, the team strives to provide comprehensive care and effective solutions that work to reverse your pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of function. You’ll work together to develop specific goals aimed at healing your injury and restoring optimal strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Their customized treatment approach typically incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, advanced therapies, and natural methods that promote recovery and prevent future injury.