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If you suffer from sciatica, let us share some breaking news: you don’t have to live with sciatica pain. In fact, our Littleton chiropractic office specializes in treating patients with severe sciatica pain.

What Is Sciatica And How Can Our Littleton Chiropractic Office Help?

For starters, many people in Littleton suffer from sciatica, but aren’t even sure what it is or where the pain is coming from. If you’ve ever experienced pain that radiates from your lower back, and extends to your hips, buttock, or legs, that could be sciatica. The pain starts at the sciatic nerve and then radiates downwards, which is when most patients begin to feel lower back pain or a major pain down the legs. Just like other nerves in your body, the sciatic nerve can be pinched or impaired, which is where the pain stems from, and as most people know, the pinched nerve won’t heal itself. It needs medical attention from a chiropractor.

A recent study shows that 10-40% of people suffer from sciatica, so though you may have never heard the name before, it’s pretty common.

Sciatica Littleton

One of the reasons our Littleton chiropractic office is different from other chiropractors in Littleton, Colorado is that we treat the root of the problem. This is where sciatica gets a bad name. Oftentimes patients will feel most of the pain in their legs, so some doctors and medical professionals will focus on treating the leg, or the hip, which is the pain you feel. But our Littleton chiropractors are different, because we figure out what is causing the pain and adjust and address what’s happening, like at the sciatic nerve. As we said before, it’s a pinched nerve that needs to be fixed, so trying to address the leg pain won’t be helpful, especially long term.

If a doctor treats only the pain (i.e. the leg or hip), but not the cause, odds are the cause of the pain never goes away and therefore the pain never goes away. Our Littleton chiropractor office works differently. We have an entire medical team that works with you on a treatment plan to get rid of the pain, and we do it without prescribing medicine or suggesting surgery (especially since it’s usually not needed). We put together a full medical plan starting with on-site x-rays (if needed), and then we work you with our on-site Littleton physical therapist, add in chiropractic adjustments, strength and mobility exercises, medical massages (when needed) and spinal decompression. Learn more about our non-invasive spinal decompression as a safe and effective treatment for sciatica in Littleton.

That may sound like a lot, but all of our functional medicine services are done right here in our Littleton chiropractic office, and done during the same visit, which usually doesn’t last longer than an hour. We have found that an integrated team approach is the most effective way to treat Littleton sciatica, and to get our patients back to feeling their best, which is our ultimate goal.

If you think you may be suffering in pain with sciatica in Littleton, give our office a call. We are happy to answer your questions about sciatica treatment in Littleton, and check if we accept your insurance.

Our Littleton chiropractors offer same day appointments and emergency Littleton chiropractic appointments, so give us a call at 303.904.0331. We are accepting new patients and your consultation is always free at our Littleton chiropractor office. If you’re looking to treat sciatica in Littleton, you’ve come to the right place.

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