Rehabilitation is an effective way to promote healing and recovery without having to rely on medication or resort to surgery. Patients who invest in their own health by beginning rehabilitation therapy as soon as possible are more likely to attain a better quality of life and faster pain recovery. The highly experienced team at Ultimate Health Medical Clinic in Littleton, Colorado, is dedicated to providing first-rate rehabilitation services to patients from communities throughout the Denver area.

What is rehabilitation?

As the most logical first step after identifying and correcting the root cause of any pain, rehabilitation is an excellent way to promote active physical recovery from injury, illness, surgery, or some other limiting disability. The main goal of an effective rehab program is to help patients achieve the level of function and mobility that enables them to return to their normal activities. While rehabilitation aims to help patients recover completely, in some cases it may simply help patients successfully adjust to a new physical reality. The physicians and clinicians at Ultimate Health Medical Clinic take a whole-person approach to rehabilitation, using state-of-the-art technologies, physical therapy, medical massage, and other beneficial, natural methods to help patients reach their potential as quickly as possible.

Why is movement so essential?

Successful physical rehabilitation requires active patient participation, and that starts with movement, which is critical to injury recovery. That’s because movement helps decrease inflammation, which is your body’s natural response to injury. Although inflammation initially promotes healing, it can interfere with your muscles’ firing patterns and create instability when it’s allowed to persist. By increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation, movement helps restore a wider range of motion, thereby giving your muscles what they require to restore normal function and regain strength. Early, precise movement that incorporates specific exercises and stretches is a big part of what makes rehabilitation therapy so effective at promoting recovery and minimizing long-term damage.

What does rehabilitation entail?

The team at Ultimate Health Medical Clinic begins by gathering information with a consultation, history, and comprehensive physical exam. This may include evaluating your nervous system and assessing your pain, depending on the nature of your problem. Once you have a diagnosis, the team designs an effective rehabilitation program to meet your needs. Rehabilitation therapy has 4 major components:

  • Customized exercise plan: A specific movement plan that includes stretches and strengthening exercises designed to improve your strength, flexibility, stability, and range of motion
  • Manual therapy: Medical massage can correct problems with connective tissue, which helps stimulate blood flow, encourage healing, and promote relaxation
  • Nutrition counseling: When applicable, nutrition counseling can help you manage your diet and lose excess weight, which can boost your rehabilitation efforts
  • Natural pain management: Topical creams, heat, or ice may help reduce pain and inflammation, effectively promoting mobility
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