Founder & Chiropractor located in Littleton, CO

About Dr. Jason

  • Founder of Ultimate Health Medical Clinic
  • Pettibon practitioner
  • Practicing chiropractic care in Littleton, Colorado since 1999.
  • Graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, MO
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Jason Leavitt is the active owner of Ultimate Health. Patients look to him as an expert in his field; new patients seek out his caliber of expertise and existing patients trust his experience. Using the most cutting edge, up-to-date practices, he possesses vast knowledge of how to correct bad postures and rehabilitate arthritic and degenerative spines. Dr. Leavitt is never satisfied with the old way of doing things and is willing to adapt his practice for the betterment of his patients. His passion for his patients ensures they receive the highest level of care. He brings value into all his conversations by providing an educated explanation to every interaction and leaving no questions unanswered; he truly provides an ultimate experience for every person that walks through the door.