Family Practitioner located in Littleton, CO

About Dr. Rauzi

Dr. Rauzi was raised in Englewood, Colorado. He has been married for 39 years with four children and four grandchildren.

College: University of Colorado

  • Graduated with Bachelors of Arts Degree
  • Member of Phi Beta Kappa – Honors

Medical School: University of Colorado Medical School

  • Graduated with M.D.
  • Member of Alpha Omega Alpha- Honors

Residency: Mercy Medical Center (1619 Milwaukee Avenue Denver, CO

  • Graduated from Family Practice Residency
  • Board Certified in Family Practice

Practice Experience:

  • Fulltime Family Practice at Alpine Family Medicine, P.C. Denver, CO
  • Fulltime Family Practice at Columbine Medical Center, P.C. Littleton, CO
  • Fulltime Family Practice at Family Care Southwest, P.C. Littleton, CO
  • Fulltime Family Practice at Southwest Family Medicine, P.C. Littleton, CO