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Littleton Nurse Practitioner with BOTOX needle

Jessica is an integral part of our Littleton chiropractic team, and is one of the best Nurse Practitioners you’ll find in our area. We are so lucky to have Jess as part of our team, with her knowledge, passion, and experience helping serve our Littleton patients. She joined our medical team nearly six years ago and our patients love her. Read Jessica Dreiling’s bio.

Here’s a quick question and answer with Jessica Dreiling, NP:

How many years of experience do you have? 21 years of experience as a nurse, and the past 12 years I have been a Nurse Practitioner 

Did you play sports growing up? I was Hunter/Jumper Equestrian and on the swim team growing up. I’m a runner now, I especially love trail running, like Ragnar Races. I also love my Peloton!

When did you know you wanted to work in healthcare? My mom was a nurse, so I followed in her footsteps. I also remember volunteering at my high school blood drive where a lot of kids felt faint or sick after donating blood. I felt comfortable jumping in to help them and knew I was meant to be a nurse.

What is a Nurse Practitioner? “According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP 2016), nurse practitioners (NPs) are licensed, autonomous clinicians focused on managing people’s health conditions and preventing disease. As advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), NPs often specialize by patient population, including pediatric, adult-gerontological, and women’s health. NPs may also subspecialize in areas such as dermatology, cardiovascular health, and oncology.” – via Nurse Practitioner Schools

What is the best part about being a nurse? It’s great to develop relationships with patients and see their health improve.

What are your specialties within nursing? I’m Board Certified in family medicine, and I’m a

Certified Provider for BioTE. I’m also certified in medical aesthetics, and basically runs our Littleton Medspa.

Do you have any personal stories that you’ve used a Chiropractor for? I get regular chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, and I do BioTe regularly for hormone optimization. I’ve also done enriched plasma to my knees so I can keep running. Learn more about our Regenerative Therapy services in Littleton.

Tell us something about your personal life. I live close to the office in the Ken Caryl area. I’m married with children, and I enjoy running, snowboarding, and watching my kids play sports.  

Do you have any guilty pleasures? I love to go to the mountains, and I also love beach vacations. I also love to binge watch a good series on Netflix! (Be sure to tell Jess any of your Netflix recommendations so she doesn’t run out!)

What one piece of advice would you share with people reading this or something you see all too often that can be avoided? Be consistent with your health.

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go? I would love to go to the Mediterranean Coast!

Thanks for sharing all these fun facts Jess. We are so lucky to have you as part of our Littleton chiropractic team and our patients always have so many great things to say about you and how much you help them.

Did you know we offer trigger point injections to help with sciatica?

Call our Littleton chiropractor office to schedule an appointment today at 303.904.0331. We offer free consultations for many of our services including BOTOX and other Medspa services with Jess.

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