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Ultimate Health Medical Clinic has been serving the Littleton community for 21 years. What started as solely a chiropractic office focusing on just a handful of pains and ailments has now grown into an entire medical team dedicated to providing individualized treatment plans for each and every patient that walks through our doors. We take pride in what we do and our team is trained in working with a number of auto injuries, sports ailments, weight loss issues and other detriments affecting your daily life.

Our Littleton medical team is comprised of multiple chiropractors, a Medical Director, nurse practitioners, rehabilitation technicians, and massage therapists and more to ensure we are treating your whole body and getting to the root of the problems. It’s a team and an integrated medical approach to help you get back on your feet and feeling your best.

What Does A Team Approach Mean For You?

The biggest benefit for our patients is that you have an entire team dedicated to your wellness and rehab, whatever the issue may be. When you visit our office, we work together to treat you. That can mean chiropractor adjustments paired with an extensive stretching program, additional x-rays, deep tissue massages to work out some of the tensions and built-up toxins, or physical therapy and trigger point injections to get your muscles and entire body working in sync again.

All of this and more under one roof and one treatment plan.

In other offices, you may be referred from an orthopedic surgeon to a physical therapist to another office or provider for monthly massages or even an outpatient lab for additional x-rays and screenings. Not only does that add up in appointment times, but also quickly adds up in driving time and costs.

Ultimate Health Medical Clinic makes it easier and more cost effective for you. You are working with one office that communicates with the rest of the team. Our patients can be seen by multiple providers in one visit, keeping your amount of visits and out of pocket costs lower.

Not only does this mean it’s more convenient for you, but you have one team of skilled providers working together and communicating with each other to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. If stretching or physical therapy is part of your treatment plan, we will monitor what is working and what isn’t working and revise on the spot. This helps you get back on track faster and helps alleviate some of the pains and issues that come from bouncing around from various doctor’s offices.

If you are currently suffering from constant pain or headaches or have recently been involved in an auto accident, come see our Littleton chiropractor office and medical team for a FREE consultation.


Schedule your free consultation today to learn what Ultimate Health Medical Clinic can do for you and help you get back to pain free days. Our Littleton Functional Medical Services include chiropractic care, regenerative therapy, migraine treatment, rehabilitation, weight loss management, massage therapy, spinal decompression and more.

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