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Our Littleton chiropractor office has proudly served the community for more than 20 years, founded and run by Dr. Jason Leavitt. Over the course of two decades, our practice has morphed into an overall medical facility helping patients on varying levels.

We still offer the best chiropractic services and functional medicine in Littleton, led by our three on-site chiropractors, but we also offer a variety of other services to help with aches and pains.

Regenerative therapy is an incredibly effective treatment offered in our Littleton office, which is a groundbreaking therapy to help patients avoid surgeries and major downtime on things like knee replacements and rotator cuff surgery. Regenerative therapy helps relieve pain from ongoing muscle, spine, and joint pain, and we have had hundreds of successful patient stories on how this treatment has helped them without the use of drugs or surgery.

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If you’ve been in a recent Denver auto accident and suffered an injury, we can help. It’s important to seek medical treatment in most auto accidents, no matter how big or small the accident was because your spine can sustain injuries that may take months to fully manifest. Our medical team has worked with a number of cases to make sure you can easily return to your daily life after an auto accident and to assess any potential injury you may have suffered from it.

We still offer many rehabilitation, stretching, and massage therapy services in our Littleton medical office. We can work with you on a more regular schedule a few times a week, or even see you a couple of times and send you home with rehab homework to work on stretching and strengthening your muscles at home. We know every patient has a different story, that’s why Ultimate Health creates customized wellness and rehab plans for all our patients to fit their needs and schedules.

Littleton Aesthetic Services

Did you know our Littleton Botox office now offers a variety of aesthetic services? That’s right; we offer med spa services in our office, from Botox and fillers to Radiofrequency micro-needling with EndyMed Intensif RF, which is a new, innovative way to harness your skin’s own ability to heal itself from the deepest layers. These are fast in-office treatments that are virtually pain-free with no downtime and are good for the eyes, face, and body to help with a number of skin issues like skin tightening, correcting acne scars, and more. If you have any areas you think these treatments could help, we offer free consultations, and all services are done right in the comfort of our Littleton office.

We love offering new treatments and services for our patients. As technology changes and medical advancements are made, rest assured the Ultimate Health Medical Team will continue to update practices to continue to provide you with the most effective and convenient treatments available.

Our entire medical team puts your health and wellbeing before anything else, and we always offer free consultations and take most major insurance plans. Call us to schedule your appointment at 303.904.0331 or learn more about our Littleton chiropractor office and all the services we offer.

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