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We are proud to offer our patients the best chiropractic services around, including our Littleton massage services, from some of the best massage therapists in the area. We searched high and low for the best massage therapists in Littleton, and are happy to have them on staff helping our patients. But in case you need a little convincing that massages are actually good for your health, check out nine of our top reasons.

9 Reasons To Book A Massage Today: 

  • Massages are effective at treating pain and don’t require a subscription. If you feel pain in your back or shoulders, you can quickly and easily book a massage to help treat and relieve that pain. In fact, one study showed that barehanded massages activated the same part of the brain that is activated by opioid painkillers such as codeine. That’s pretty convincing to us.
  • It improves your flexibility and range of motion. Especially if you’re working from home, massages can be key to feeling your best after hunching over a computer all day. Check out these posture tips you can practice right now.
  • Just like a chiropractic adjustment, massages boost your immunity, which is more important than ever.
  • They relieve stress and help reduce anxiety. Massage therapy helps the body (and mind) relax and can help manage that fight-of-flight mode many people suffer from.
  • Massages reduce muscle soreness and tightness, especially after a workout. There’s a legitimate reason almost all professional athletes get professional massages, and it’s because it’s good for your muscles, as well as releasing lactic acid. Massage therapy is crucial for relieving lower back pain and tension headaches, and for optimizing performance on the field or in the gym.
  • It may help you sleep better. Along with relaxing your mind and muscles, a massage can help promote better sleep habits, which is something we can all benefit from.
  • Massage therapists are like magicians, able to tell where your body needs attention the most. You may go into your massage appointment saying all your tension is in your neck and back from working from your laptop everyday, but the massage therapist may quickly notice muscle soreness and tightness in your forearms from texting and typing a lot. These are key areas you may ignore, but a professional massage can help treat them, before becoming a huge problem.
  • It improves circulation and blood flow, which is key for optimal health.
  • They can help reduce scar tissue, muscle spasms, and cramping.


Our Littleton chiropractic office looks forward to meeting you and helping you with whatever nagging pain you suffer from. Call one of our friendly team members at 303.904.0331 to book your Littleton massage or for more information about our chiropractic services. You can also read our Littleton chiropractic blog to find out more about our practice and what we offer.

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