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Michael Schafer
March 21, 2024
Great spinal/neck adjustments and friendly staff. Happy to receive care here.
Angela Baldauf
April 13, 2024
Professional, kind, gives many options, informational, courteous, clean and safe. Great place. 2nd time around. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Been coming here for a couple years. Like family to us 😍👍❤️
Evonne R.
March 12, 2024
Ultimate Health Medical ClinicI was in a car accident and was recommended to go to Ultimate Health Medical Clinic. I run a business and I guard my time. However, I realized if I didn't do something that would relieve pain and the stress I felt I might take double the time to eventually recover. I realized it was in my best interest to see how they could help me. I learned to rely on my doctor who helped me understand what was happening as I started my recovery from a concussion and the headaches and soreness I was experiencing. Dr Brandon Denny was extremely kind, listened, and was very reassuring that I would recover.
Bridgett Goggins
April 5, 2024
These folks have put me back together so many times and have always made sure I'm taken care of 💜
They Call Me The King
March 19, 2024
Customer The people here are amazing. They really do care about making sure you get better and make you feel like family. They know everyone on a first name basis. I came in after an accident with neck, back, and shoulder pain. After 3 months, I have seen massive improvement in pain relief and mobility. Can’t recommend them enough.
Tom Tom
March 2, 2024
I have been here after many not at fault accidents. Dr. Brandon is perfect and has provided much relief after 3 surgeons told me I needed surgery. It was the owner who said I do not need surgery even though some guy that shouldn't be driving ruined my C-5 and C-7 for life. I did not settle on anything. Due to the time I waited for treatment. Hannah is also the best nurse here. There is a new girl who is super chill. This place has grown so much since I first started seeing the owner. Chiropractors are not technically Doctors as they are natural healers but require much training to do what they do.
Josie Neimes
April 11, 2024
I initially went to Ultimate Health for my neuropathy. Dr. Jason and his amazing staff, took over my decompression for my back, put me through PT, relieved the pain from my plantar fasciitis and most importantly identified and healed my leaky gut. Dr. Jason truly cares about my health and my pain levels and has helped me fix those issues rather than just put a bandaid on everything. If you're on the fence or hesitating, I'm here to tell you make the leap, you're in the best hands possible. Lastly, their IV therapy is also a godsend for someone that has a low immune system.
Ralph Mishler
March 12, 2024
Ultimate Health Medical Clinic
I was in a smash and roll over that left my neck extremely sore, with a lot of difficulty turning it to the left. I would highly recommend Ultimate Health Medical Clinic! Thank You to everyone there, you have given me back my mobility and enjoyment of life.
Michael O'Brien
February 13, 2024
started shock wave therapy about a month ago after being in pain from planter fasciatis for about 2 months now i am relatively pain free. i can't recommend enough
Stacey Evenson
April 13, 2024
So helpful and professional. Wonderful and kind staff. Highly recommend them.
Natalie Vaughan
March 19, 2024
Shockwave therapy has really done wonders for my shoulder! The staff at Ultimate Health Medical Clinic in Littleton, Colorado care deeply about me becoming pain free. The multiple specialists work as a team and have cared for me to build my health since i started physical therapy. I highly recommend coming to Ultimate Health Medical Clinic for any muscular-skeletal injury.
Brent Aldred
February 9, 2024
The staff is top notch! They will help you with some many healthy options. Go there!!!!
Ultimate Health Medical Clinic